A Complete Series of Foton Energy Super Trucks(EST) were Launched at Beijing International Automotive Exhibition

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On April 25, the 14th Beijing International Automotive Exhibition themed “Innovation to Transformation” was held at China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. Foton launched energy-saving, environment-friendly and intelligent Internet Vehicles which were created based on three core technologies- energy saving and environmental protection, Internet of Vehicles and intelligent complete vehicles with the aim of “recreating future transportation”. These vehicles attracted much attention from domestic and overseas visitors and media.

Release of Foton Auman EST

As a leading Chinese commercial vehicle brand, Foton launched new Auman and Aumark Energy super trucks through cooperation with two top global companies- Cummins Inc. and Daimler AG. These two trucks are equipped with a new generation of engines of Mercedes-Benz and Foton Cummins respectively and are based on three core technologies- new energy, Internet of Vehicles and automatic driving. The aim is to realize 30% decrease of fuel consumption (or pure electric vehicles), 30% decrease of carbon emission (or zero emission), and 70% increase of overall freight transport efficiency.FOTON AUMAN EST

FOTON AUMARK EST(Energy Super Truck)

Foton has continuously practiced scientific & technological innovation and breakthrough, continuously led the development of Chinese automobiles with the attitude of taking social responsibility as its own duty, and provided global users with safe, efficient, intelligent and environment-friendly automobile products and services.

It is worth mentioning that the press corps of mainstream media from 22 African countries visited the booth of Foton on April 28. Ming Jinwei, the Vice Director of Marketing and Branding of Foton Motor, led reporters to get a full experience of Foton culture area, super trucks and intelligent robots and provided an in-depth explanation of Foton and its products. Africa regional marketing directors had detailed communication with reporters on African businesses.

Ming Jinwei, the Vice Director of Marketing and Branding of Foton Motor, was describing Foton’s development history to African media reporters

African media reporters were experiencing in Foton motor brand area

Gao Ming, the Manager of Foton Kenya Sales Co., Ltd., was answering questions raised by an African reporter Mwazipeza Sakala Chanda

A group photo of Foton personnel and African media reporters in front of a Foton Auman Internet super truck

African media reporters were signing their names to witness innovative development achievements of Foton Motor

Africa is an important overseas business market of Foton Motor. Businesses will be developed in core markets- Algeria, Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa. The business market pattern of radiating from such areas as Kenya and South Africa will be formed. Media reporters who visited this time will be witnesses of Foton’s business expansion in Africa.

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