A New Generation of Foton Aumark EST(Energy Super Truck) was Displayed at 2016 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition

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Aumark EST

On April 25, 2016, a new generation of Foton Aumark light-duty truck- Aumark EST was displayed at 2016 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition. Aumark EST(Energy Super Truck) adopts new style design. A large cab brought by the upright A column, large-area chrome-plated face, aluminum alloy wheels and vacuum tires, and LED daytime running lights offer a refreshing look.

Aumark EST
Aumark EST(Energy Super Truck) which has been first launched in China is equipped with engine of Cummins Inc. and transmission of ZF Friedrichshafen AG. Through accurate adjustment and strict verification, it owns excellent performance, strong power, super high reliability, high transmission efficiency and excellent fuel economy.
CAN architecture with the latest segment design and big expansion space of 90% load rate satisfy the expansion requirements for light-duty trucks in the nEST 5-10 years. And application of several intelligent safety devices including automatic emergency braking system (AEBS) and lane departure warning system (LDW) contributes to the intelligent safety feature of Aumark EST(Energy Super Truck).
Aumark EST(Energy Super Truck) will be launched globally. We believe that it sets a model of Global high-end light-duty trucks in terms of technology, performance and efficiency, and intelligence, reliability, energy saving, environmental protection and applicability in the new era.

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