German Chancellor Merkel’s delegates visit Foton Daimler’s vehicle plant

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On October 29, 2015, German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s delegates – representatives of German associations, chambers of commerce and entrepreneurs visited Foton Daimler’s digital plant in Beijing, learning about the company’s operating model, manufacturing processes and information technologies.

Zhou Liang, president of Foton Daimler, introduces smart manufacturing
Daimler is the biggest globally- active manufacturer of trucks and a technology leader. Daimler also aspires to be the world’s number one supplier, creating superior value for its customers while being a model of quality and profitability to its shareholders. Daimler has the longest history as market leader in high-end medium-duty and heavy-duty truck markets. Daimler and Foton’s cooperation is complementary to both parties, as it’s beneficial for both parties to develop international markets together and achieve a win-win strategy. Furthermore, Daimler benefits by expansion into emerging markets through Foton’s advantages in low cost commercial vehicle products and internal cost controls. Additionally, Foton Daimler’s efforts in managing the “Auman” brand have surpassed the traditional Sino-foreign joint venture model – whereby a Chinese company simply brings in foreign vehicle models and produces OEM for the joint venture – to setting a precedent by jointly cooperating to develop new vehicle models.

He Mateng, Foton Daimler Vice President of R&D, introduces the Mercedes-Benz engine
Under Foton Daimler’s innovation model, Daimler’s TOS operating system and Cummin’s COS management system were brought onboard, R&D was brought to European standards and engine R&D was fully integrated into complete vehicle R&D. Smart manufacturing was achieved through having Asia’s most modern factory: implementing German Industry 4.0 practices and employing CDC information technologies to produce the world’s leading Auman heavy-duty reduced emissions trucks. With an automation rate of more than 60 percent, the Foton Daimler plant is capable of producing 200,000 units per year of Auman heavy-duty trucks and Mercedes-Benz engines.

Foton Daimler Automotive automated vehicle production
Prior to the arrival of Chancellor Merkel’s delegates, the German Embassy in Beijing mentioned that German enterprises expressed interest in China’s innovative “Industry 4.0” research. In response, Foton Daimler showcased its Auman GTL heavy-duty truck connected vehicle – powered by Mercedes-Benz, arousing the visitors’ keen interest.

Auman GTL truck – powered by Mercedes-Benz
On the production line, Winfried Bostelmann, head of Merkel’s German delegation and Zhou Liang, president of Foton Daimler jointly assembled the Mercedes-Benz OM457 engine on the chassis of the Auman GTL, heralding Foton as the quintessential Sino-German enterprise ,haod taking advantage of “German Industry 4.0” in standardization, lean production, connectivity and thus upgrading China’s auto industry by Foton’s manufacturer of heavy-duty trucks.

Mercedes-Benz Engine mounted to chassis by Sino-German team

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